Successful Slimming Tips

Successful Slimming Tips

The key to successful weight loss is an inner drive.. an inner motivation to take charge and make permanent changes. Losing weight is not easy, however it is achievable with a little nutrition education, support, planning, motivation and determination. You must be ready to lose weight though.. and no amount of nagging from friends or family or buying slimming books will help.. trust me. The only person who knows when the time is right is you. Weight loss is a journey, and for some, is life-long.

Check out these top tips from Successful Slimmers for ideas on how to get started on your weight loss journey:

  • Always have breakfast, and base it around protein and low GI carbs to keep hunger at bay e.g scrambled egg (no butter), tomatoes and mushrooms on granary toast
  • Use 1-cal spray oils in cooking (instead of pouring it in!)
  • Make simple-swaps every day e.g. swap sugar for calorie-free natural sweetener
  • Keep active e.g. walk to the shops instead of drive & take the steps instead of the lift
  • Never food shop on an empty stomach
  • Live by the 80:20 rule – relax the healthy eating routine every now and again
  • Order lower calorie alcoholic drinks instead of creamy cocktails e.g. vodka & diet coke
  • BAN junk food from the house and instead stock up on healthy snacks such as fruit or popping corn
  • Keep healthy snacks in your bag for when hunger hits!
  • Freeze fat-free yoghurts (or you could try the light chocolate mousses or even grapes) instead of having ice-cream
  • Plan ahead – cook large batches of healthy meals then freeze them so all you have to do is defrost them
  • Have non-food rewards as ‘treats’ e.g. buying a new CD or magazine
  • Choose healthy choices when eating out
  • Make your own lunch to take to work – YOU control what’s in it

Do you have any more slimming tips to share?


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