How Not to Eat Ultra-Processed

How Not to Eat Ultra-Processed



We know we should eat fewer ultra-processed foods; this book shows you how to do it.

Published by Penguin – Edbury Press

From expert dietitian, Nichola Ludlam-Raine, comes this simple, easy-to-follow 30 day plan for reducing the number of ultra-processed foods in your diet.

Taking you through 4 weeks, each focused on a different meal (snacks and drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with an optional dessert section too), Nichola equips you with the practical ways you can make a huge difference to your diet through small, achievable changes.

Along the way she also debunks the myths that surround ultra-processed foods and provides answers to the most commonly asked questions, to help soothe anxiety around what you eat and enable you to feel confident with what’s on your plate, wherever you are and whatever time of the day.

With recipes to get you started and a comprehensive list of over 100 processed and ultra-processed foods, organised by their nutritional benefits and with guidance on how often you should eat them, this is a necessary guide for anyone looking to eat healthier and make a real change to their long-term health.

Ultra-processed foods is THE hot topic in dieting and health, reflecting the rise of interest in gut health, and is a crucial area of health that people are keen to better understand.

Nic is a specialist Registered Dietitian with fifteen years clinical experience working for the NHS and privately and has a following of over 100k across her social channels @nicsnutrition and @mummynutrition. She has appeared on BBC Breakfast numerous times, BBC Morning Live, Steph’s Packed Lunch, ITV Tonight and GB News, and contributed to titles such as Stylist, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Independent and Business Insider.

Nic’s new book is an accessible narrative 4 week plan and practical programme, with an 8-page plate section with photographed recipes, and ranked index of foods: balancing equipping the reader with the knowledge and tools to make long-lasting change.

Pre-order a copy HERE.

About the authorA passionate and trusted voice, Nichola Ludlam-Raine (BSc hons, PG Dip, MSc) is a specialist Registered Dietitian with over fifteen years of clinical experience working for the NHS as well as privately. She shares inspiring content to over 100,000 followers on social media and has appeared on TV multiple times – Nichola is a regular on BBC Breakfast, ITV Tonight, Jeremy Vine, Channel’s 4 and 5, and regularly provides commentary to numerous tabloids and press outlets. She advocates for a better relationship with food, so that others can build healthier habits that lead to lasting change.


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