7 Day Healthy Meal Plan

7 Day Healthy Meal Plan

Hello! So the other week I was asked to write a 7 day healthy meal plan and I thought that I would share it with you on my blog.


This 7 day meal plan was written to inspire several healthy lifestyle bloggers and it features some of my favourite healthy snacks and recipes – some shop bought and some homemade. I LOVED writing and sharing my food plan as it meant spreading the word on how healthy eating can be FUN as well as super TASTY.


My 7 day healthy meal plan is designed to be nutritionally balanced with the aim of helping you to feel fuelled and full all day long. It could also help you to lose weight (although it’s not a specific weight loss plan), if you exhibit portion control and are exercising regularly.


I really hope that you enjoy it and that it gives you some healthy eating inspiration. And if you do give it a go then do let me know how you find it!




 Drinks: Every day aim to drink at least 8 x 200ml glasses of calorie-free or low calorie fluid (water or herbal teas are best!)

Sunday Prep: Overnight Oats – Mix 40g oats, 1/2 cup (125ml) milk and 100g yoghurt together in a bowl and leave in the fridge covered overnight.


7 day healthy meal plan


Breakfast – Overnight oats; In the morning top with fresh fruit e.g. chopped banana, a tablespoon (tbsp) of linseeds, cinnamon & a drizzle of manuka honey. Drink: Green tea.

Mid Morning Snack – Handful of cashew nuts (40g) and an apple (or apple crisps).

Lunch – 3-4 crisp breads with cream cheese and salad with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing.

Mid Afternoon Snack – Dried Fruit e.g. dates or apricots plus nuts such as walnuts or brazil nuts.

Evening Meal – Spaghetti Bolognese made with lean steak mince or Quorn mince, chopped tomatoes and spice (or your favourite bolognese sauce), vegetables & served with either wholemeal spaghetti (more fibre than white pasta) or spiralized courgette (make double portions for Tuesday).

Dessert – A handful of frozen grapes or banana ice-cream; simply blend frozen banana slices in a food processor until creamy or follow [this recipe] and dark chocolate chips.



Overnight Oats Recipe



7 day healthy meal plan


Breakfast – Two slices of wholegrain, rye or seeded bread with butter or spread of choice, topped with two poached or scrambled eggs (add a dash of milk to make them fluffy and take care not to over cook!) along with wilted spinach or cherry tomatoes (cook in olive oil which best for heart health).

Mid Morning Snack – Quinoa Chips.

Lunch – 3-4 rice cakes with hummus and salad with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Mid Afternoon SnackNakd Bar (or other dried fruit & nut bar)

Evening Meal – Spaghetti Bolognese; left over from yesterday.

DessertChocolate chia seed pudding (serves 2): Mix together 300ml milk with 4-5 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp cacao powder and 2-3 tbsp manuka honey to taste. Pour into 2 glasses and chill for 30 mins before serving.



Scrambled egg breakfast


7 day healthy meal plan

Breakfast –  Porridge made with 40g oats, 250ml milk and topped with berries. Drink: Green tea.

Mid Morning SnackBounce Ball or other nut butter based snack

Lunch – Baked sweet or jacket potato topped with cottage cheese and served with a green salad.

Mid Afternoon Snack – Handful of cashew nuts (40g) and a pear.

Evening Meal – Omelette made with two eggs and vegetables, cooked in a pan with coconut oil.

Dessert – Yoghurt topped with berries and honey. Green tea.


Evening Prep: Oat & blueberry muffins for next day



Healthy banana and blueberry muffins



7 day healthy meal plan


Breakfast – Two oat & blueberry muffins (baked Wednesday evening).

Mid Morning Snack – Dried fruit and nuts.

Lunch – 3-4 crisp breads with cream cheese and salad with dressing of choice.

Mid Afternoon Snack – Nakd Bar.

Evening Meal – Pesto creme fraiche chicken; as per [this recipe] – make extra portions for Friday or the freezer too!

Dessert – One to two handfuls of dark chocolate drops and cashew nuts.

Evening PrepOvernight oats (as per Sunday night).



Pesto and creme fraiche chicken



7 day healthy meal plan

Breakfast – Overnight oats with fruit & seed toppings. Drink: Green tea.

Mid Morning SnackHandful of cashew nuts (40g) and an apple.

Lunch – Baked sweet potato topped with tuna mixed with yoghurt and served with a green salad. For recipe instructions [see here].

Mid Afternoon Snack – Two oat & blueberry muffins (baked Wednesday evening).

Evening Meal – Pesto creme fraiche chicken (leftovers from Thursday) OR baked salmon with vegetables (top the salmon with Greek yoghurt, crushed Ryvita & a drizzle of olive oil before baking in the oven). For  the full salmon recipe [see here].

Dessert – Bounce Ball.



Sweet potato and tuna melts



7 day healthy meal plan

BreakfastGreek yoghurt pancakes; Whisk together 2 eggs, 40g oat flour (oats blended), 100g yoghurt & 1-2 tsp honey. Cook in coconut oil and serve with extra yoghurt and berries.

Lunch – Bean or lentil soup with crisp breads. Drink: Green tea.

Evening Meal – Half a thin crust pizza with chicken and vegetable toppings, served with salad.

Dessert – Frozen grapes (sprinkle with sugar free jelly crystals before freezing for a sweeter hit!).



Healthy Greek yoghurt pancakes


7 day healthy meal plan

Breakfast – Two oat & blueberry muffins (baked Wednesday evening).

Lunch – 3-4 rice cakes with smoked salmon, cream cheese and salad.

Evening Meal – Sunday roast; chicken, roast potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding & gravy.

Dessert – Nakd Bar or Fruit & Yoghurt. Drink: Green tea.



Nic's Nutrition Dietitian UK


I really hope you find this 7 day meal plan a useful inspiration & thank you to Holland & Barrett for choosing me to write this plan for their healthy lifestyle bloggers!



*This blog post contains an affiliate link. Product mentions do not imply endorsement. This is a generic 7 day meal plan and should not replace personal advice given by your doctor or dietitian, Please read my disclaimer page for more information.


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  1. Ali
    April 8, 2016 / 6:02 am

    This is really useful, thanks!

    Do you know what daily calorie total or macro values this has? I can load it into MFP to find out but I thought I’d ask first 🙂

    • April 9, 2016 / 4:40 pm

      Hello! Aw thank you! It depends on the portion sizes of the meals and snacks 🙂 It’ll be 1,800-2,200 🙂 xx

  2. Cathy
    April 8, 2016 / 8:06 am

    Love your site, please could you write a 7 day meal plan for vegetarians.
    Thank you

    • April 9, 2016 / 4:40 pm

      Hello! You could swap the meat and fish options for the Quorn versions 🙂 x

  3. April 12, 2016 / 11:24 am

    You’re a star! Thanks for sharing this <3

  4. Helen
    April 15, 2016 / 7:06 pm

    Loved this! Was just looking for some inspiration for going back to work post mat leave. Great stuff. Thanks Nic.

  5. Anita
    August 18, 2016 / 8:01 am

    Hi Nic,

    Absolutely love your blog and YouTube channel, you always make such sense. Could you do a meal plan for weight loss, I’m a stone over weight and would love some advice and guidance. I’ve started in the gym 4 times a week but very aware it’s really all down to diet.

    • August 18, 2016 / 8:22 pm

      Hi Anita! Aw thank you 🙂 Have you tried following this plan? It could be for weight loss too!!

  6. Romyjersey
    August 21, 2016 / 10:56 pm

    Thank you so much for the meal plan. It really helps. I was feeling a little overwhelmed, but the meal plan looks quite doable. Thanks again!

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