Rainbow Vegetable Traybake

Ready to taste the rainbow?! This traybake recipe contains all the colours of the rainbow, which means it’s rich in a variety of antioxidants and adds up to your 5-a-day too!

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Do You Need to Count Calories?

⁣ In the nutrition world, there is this big myth, that if you want to lose or gain weight you have to count calories. However, you don’t need to count calories, learning to listen to… View Post

The Mummy Nutrition eBook!

At the end of 2021, I was thrilled to share my first ever eBook! As well as over 12 years of experience as a dietitian working in the area of weight management, one of my… View Post

Is Fasting Good For You?

Is fasting really healthy? Our bodies aren’t designed to eat all day (or night!) and our body likes a break from time to time – whether this is between meals or overnight…

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How To Establish A Successful Freelance Nutrition Business Course

Are you at university or have you graduated and want to set up your own nutrition business, but don’t know how? University teaches us SO many valuable skills and enhances our knowledge base, giving us… View Post
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