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How to Stay MOTIVATED & Boost ENERGY Levels!

By: | 0 Comments | On: March 13, 2016 | Category : Fitness, Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being

How to stay motivated

We’re now well and truly into 2016 (it’s gone so quick!), and this blog post and video are all about how to keep your motivation and energy levels up in order to achieve those health and fitness related goals that you set at the start of the year.   Use...

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By: | 6 Comments | On: January 1, 2016 | Category : Beauty, Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being

How to detox safely

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And second of all, if you’ve bought the latest edition of ‘Superfood Magazine’ then you will have seen my article all about DETOX, but just in case you haven’t here it is.. (before you’re tempted by any detox fads on the internet!!).   Come January...

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5 Diet Mistakes to AVOID in 2016!

By: | 0 Comments | On: December 24, 2015 | Category : Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being

5 diet mistakes to avoid

Hello! So I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you are looking forward to the New Year (I know I certainly am!).   This blog post is all about your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.. or rather what they SHOULDN’T BE! Setting goals for the year ahead is...

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How to really Read a Food Label!

By: | 2 Comments | On: December 6, 2015 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Fibre, Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Shopping Tips, Weight Loss, Well Being

How to read a food label

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked as a dietitian is “how can you tell if a (packaged food) product is healthy”, and so in the blog post I’m going to tell you how!   I’ve used one of my favourite fresh soup brands (Glorious! soup) in the...

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Staying Healthy at Christmas

By: | 5 Comments | On: December 2, 2015 | Category : Lifestyle, Weight Loss, Well Being

Healthy Christmas

Christmas is a good time for a foodie, but perhaps not such a good time for our waist lines!   The problem isn’t often Christmas Day itself.. it’s the many days (parties!) that come before it and the leftover food and chocolate (as well as more parties with family and...

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Ask a Dietitian.. Calories, Carbs, Cellulite, Cholesterol & More!

By: | 8 Comments | On: November 23, 2015 | Category : Carbs, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Questions & Answers, Weight Loss, Well Being

Q and A

This week I’m answering YOUR questions that you asked me on social media (I love filming these types of videos!).   I’ve listed the topics talked about below the video, in the order which I talk about them (so you can scroll to relevant questions/only watch the video if you...

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Student Tips for Weight Loss

By: | 0 Comments | On: September 29, 2015 | Category : Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being

Student tips for weight loss

This week I’m talking about how to avoid weight gain as a student.. talking you through the reasons why I personally gained over a stone in 2 months when I first went to university and then how I lost it (the non-expensive way!) in my second and third years.  ...

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My Top 5 Lifestyle Hacks for Healthy Living

By: | 0 Comments | On: September 17, 2015 | Category : Fitness, Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Nichola Whitehead Dietitian

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘hack’ before, it’s like a tip that makes life that little bit easier. Lifestyle hacks (which become daily habits!), in my opinion, are essential as they enable you to function at your best and to take on everything that life has to throw...

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10 Minute HIIT AMRAP Workout!

By: | 2 Comments | On: August 16, 2015 | Category : Fitness, Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being


After answering your diet, health & fitness questions last week, I took advantage of having the lovely Hannah from Wedges & Weights at my house and we filmed a quick workout routine for you that requires no equipment and even better you can do it in the comfort of your...

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How to Eat Healthily at a Buffet or BBQ!

By: | 0 Comments | On: August 2, 2015 | Category : Lifestyle, Weight Loss, Well Being

Healthy BBQ Tips

With summer well and truly here I thought I would put together my top tips on how to keep your weight and health in check despite the multiple BBQ and garden party invitations! The inspiration for this blog post & video came from a recent trip to a barbecue at the Yorkshire...

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