Live on BBC Breakfast talking about CALORIES!

Live on BBC Breakfast talking about CALORIES!

Hello! So for those of you who missed it and want to see, I’ve uploaded my BBC Breakfast interview all about CALORIES on my YouTube channel (scroll down to watch!). ?


The interview was in response to Public Health England (PHE) announcing that they want to cut 20% of calories from foods such as pizzas, crisps, ready meals & sandwiches. ? This came about after finding out that children & adults are over eating; possibly due to ‘passive over consumption’ – consuming more calories without realising! ? PHE are encouraging the food industry to focus on recipe reformation, portion sizes & encouraging people to buy lower calorie versions. ?



On BBC Breakfast I commented that although reducing calories from higher calorie options (i.e. foods coming in at above the 600 calorie recommendation) may be useful, reducing calories from say a 300 calorie sandwich is unlikely to be helpful. ?


In addition, calories are not the only thing we should be looking at; on screen I compared a 270 calorie ham sandwich on white bread to a 380 calorie chicken sandwich with salad on wholemeal bread; although higher in calorie it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out which provides more fibre & nutrients and less salt! ?


I promote being calorie AWARE, rather than calorie counting, remembering to take a step back and look at the quality (content) of your diet as a whole over the entire week. ? ?


HOW we eat also matters; we need to listen to our body and honour true hunger; not ignoring it by skipping meals or grazing all day long! Eating out meals slowly & more mindfully can help with this (ie turning the TV off at dinner!) ?



Gaining excess weight however isn’t just down to poor dietary choices, it involves genetics as well as psychological & socio-economic factors too; so making low calorie healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables cheaper (as well as investing in cooking education/reading the traffic light labels ie green is better than red!) is a must too. ??‍?



In summary:

? Calorie AWARENESS not calorie counting is necessary.
? WHAT you eat matters just as much as calories.
? HOW we eat also matters; eat it mindfully.


What do you think to the campaign?



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