Protein Flapjacks
Healthy Protein Flapjack Recipe

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  • Acai Bowl Recipe

    How to Make an Acai Bowl

    Average Rating: (5 / 5)

    If you’ve heard the phrase “acai bowl” banded about (or have seen the amazing pictures of them on Pinterest or Instagram!) and wondered how to make one then ...

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  • Energy Bliss Balls

    4 Ingredient Energy Bliss Balls!

    Average Rating: (5 / 5)

    These 4 ingredient energy ‘bliss balls’ taste amazing.. and I challenge you to stop at only having one .   This recipe is an easier (it has fewer ...

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  • NW-44

    Quorn Sausage, Roast Pepper & Rocket Salad

    Average Rating: (5 / 5)

    To celebrate World Meat Free Day (on June 15th) here is a a meat-free themed recipe to inspire your evening meal (or lunch for that matter!).   This ...

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  • Chicken & Egg Muffin

    Chicken & Egg Pots

    Average Rating: (5 / 5)

    These chicken and egg pots are so simple to make that I bet you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of having them before (if you haven’t already that ...

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  • Salmon with Greek Yoghurt

    Crushed Ryvita & Greek Yoghurt Topped Salmon

    Average Rating: (5 / 5)

    February is National Heart Month and I have re-created one of my all time favourite oily-fish recipes.. Salmon topped with Greek Yoghurt & crushed Ryvita (with a sprinkle ...

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  • Protein French Toast

    Healthy French Toast (aka Eggy Bread!)

    Average Rating: (5 / 5)

    So who knew that French Toast and Eggy Bread were the same thing?! Well, not me until a few weeks ago!!   I used to love Eggy Bread ...

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  • Overnight Oats

    Overnight Oats

    Average Rating: (4.8 / 5)

    Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and my personal favourite is porridge (or oatmeal for you US readers!). In the summer though, I find ...

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