Mummy Nutrition – For Pregnancy & Beyond

Mummy Nutrition – For Pregnancy & Beyond

Hello! So I want to start by explaining why I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, however if you follow me on social media then I am sure you will already be aware! It’s because I’m currently 40 weeks pregnant (today!) and I’ve been busy setting up a sister website (you may have seen the link in the top right corner already!) Mummy Nutrition!


I was inspired to set up Mummy Nutrition after I was inundated with questions and support over on my @MummyNutrition Instagram Page. I wanted to create a go to place for evidence based and useful tips to guide mums (and dads!) to be through their pregnancy and beyond.


My blog Mummy Nutrition is still in its infancy, however I am adding to it every single week and I’m still posting regularly across all of my social media accounts including YouTube.


So is this the end of Nic’s Nutrition? No! Certainly not.. the only difference is that you can now find lots of non-nutrition, baby/pregnancy-related content over on Mummy Nutrition that I didn’t think would be suitable for this blog.





I really hope you understand my decision in creating a sister blog and I really hope you find it useful for as and when the time comes (if it comes).




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