Everdine – Meal Prep Review & Discount Code

Everdine – Meal Prep Review & Discount Code

This week, I wanted to let you know about a relatively new food healthy prep and delivery service who take care of your evening meals (you can have them at lunch too if you wish!) called Everdine; and I’ve even got a discount code for you too; NICHOLA6 which gets you £20 off your first box!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that I love to discover, try out and review healthy new products and services for you, which is why I was so excited when I discovered Everdine. It’s one of the reasons that I got into blogging actually; I found the reviews on beauty blogs so useful that I wondered if others would find food reviews useful all well!


  • Who are Everdine?

Everdine are a company that specialise in creating healthy ‘gourmet’ meals that are cooked, frozen and courier-delivered to your door; the food is frozen to lock in the natural goodness with no need for artificial preservatives. Most of the meals ready to eat in around 10 minutes and can by heated up in either an oven and/or microwave; the latter of which is the most convenient, quickest and nutrient-preserving heat-up methods.

Everdine tell me that the chefs, Matt and Viresh, trained in Michelin-starred restaurants, and create unique, wholesome and delicious meals made with only the best ingredients from suppliers they know well and who meet strict quality standards. They offer meals within a few different categories including poultry, meat, seafood, veggie, high protein, low carb and low calorie. As a plus, the meals that use meat and fish as an ingredient, are sustainably all sourced. .

You can choose to get at least 6 or more healthy meals delivered every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks and can cancel/suspend your delivery or subscription at any time. You get free delivery when you order 10 meals or more.



  • Example Meal Choices

I chose to try a selection of Everdine’s vegetarian as well as meat and fish containing meals and I REALLY enjoyed them. To give you an example of the types of dishes on offer these were some of my favourite:

  • Shiitake & Tofu Teriyaki – Supergreens, soya beans & soba noodles (vegetarian)
  • Rainbow Vegetable Pad Thai – Omelette strips, kumquats & peanuts (vegetarian)
  • Baked Butternut Squash Falafels with Roasted Ratatouille Vegetables – Wilted kale, asparagus & cherry tomatoes (vegetarian)
  • Cajun Blackened Salmon – Sweet potato, red quinoa, creole beans & chorizo – Wilted kale, asparagus & cherry tomatoes
  • Cherry & Hoisin Duck with Wilted Greens – Duck breast & sesame noodles

The meals were delicious and in all honesty it really was just like eating restaurant food; they used ingredients that I would have never have put together and the flavours were incredible.


  • Calories & Macros

In addition to the meals tasting amazing, the macros (macronutrients) are also great too. All of the meals that I had came in at around the 400-500 calorie mark, which is ideal as it’s 25% of the recommended daily intake for a women to maintain her weight.

The meals are high in protein and fibre and provide a decent balance of carbohydrates and fats too; all of which are clearly labelled on the back of the cardboard sleeve. Salt is use to flavour and preserve the food and each meal came it at around 1-2 grams; we should ideally keep our salt intake to no more than 6g in a day so this is around a third of our daily allowance.



  • Benefits of Everdine

In my opinion Everdine provides a fantastic service and could benefit the follow types of people:

  1. Busy people who are short on time on an evening and would like someone else to do the food shopping, chopping, preparing and cooking.
  2. Those who are after some healthy evening meal ideas, or who are new to cooking at home and would like a helping hand.
  3. People who want a healthier and cheaper alternative to a quick takeaway or restaurant delivery.
  4. Those wanting to lose weight and who would like a healthy, balanced and calorie controlled lunch and/or evening meal that is quick to heat up.
  5. People who usually eat their lunch out and would like a healthier alternative to most meal deals which come with crisps, chocolate and/or a fizzy drink! The meals are easy to transport work and re-heat in a microwave.


  • Discount Code – NICHOLA6 for £20 off your first box!

Obviously there is a cost attached to the luxury of having your meals prepared, cooked, packaged, macro-counted and delivered to you however the meals are still much cheaper than eating out or getting a takeaway (and are a similar price to a ‘not as healthy’ ready meal from a supermarket!). And, if you use my discount code NICHOLA6 you can get £20 off your first box, alternatively [click here] to activate it! Whoop!



  • My Thoughts

As you can probably tell I’m a huge fan of Everdine (otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about them!) and I really enjoyed coming home to a delicious meal that I didn’t have to prepare and cook myself; it made a nice change! I actually spaced out my 12 meals over a 2-3 week period (I kept them in the freezer until the day before) and had them on evenings when I was either working late, was going out later or if Oliver fancied having a meal that I didn’t; for example he’s a huge lasagne fan but I would rather have a fish or vegetarian dish!

The only downside to Everdine, and this may sound to be ‘nit picking’, is that I’m not too keen on the using the word ‘clean’ to describe food (as it implies that some foods can be classed as ‘dirty’ which is simply untrue). Although to be fair, they do explain what they mean by the words ‘clean and wholesome’; “our meals are made only from the best ingredients and we do not add artificial preservatives to them”. The company, meals and service though I cannot falter!


Do let me know if you give or have given Everdine a go; I cannot wait to order my next box and have already planned on having them in the lead up to our wedding in September when I know things are going to be super busy!!




*Everdine sent me a selection of meals to enjoy and I have chosen to review them on my blog; I then bought 12 meals from Everdine with my own money to help save some time in the lead to to my wedding and as of December 2017, I now order 5 meals a month from them. All words written are my own and are 100% honest. This blog post contains my personal referral code. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.


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