Ask a Dietitian Part 2.. Late night eating, Chocolate, Breakfast & Meal Replacement Shakes!

Ask a Dietitian Part 2.. Late night eating, Chocolate, Breakfast & Meal Replacement Shakes!

Hello! So here is Part 2 of my second #AskDietNic Q&A video, answering your questions about late night eating, chocolate cravings, easy breakfast options, meal replacement shakes and more! You can check out my very first Q & A video [here] and you can see part 1 [here] .. simply scroll down to see part 2!


I really hope you like it and as always if you have any questions for me to answer in my next Q & A video simply pop them down below or ask me them on TwitterFacebook or Instagram using the hashtag #AskDietNic.



Questions Answered:

  • What do you think about late night eating?
  • I keep sabotaging all my good healthy efforts by giving into chocolate cravings – any tips or alternatives?
  • What are the best foods to boost my immune system?
  • What are the best breakfasts to have when your in a rush every morning?
  • What do you think to meal replacement shakes?
  • What is the best way to work out a good balance of macro nutrients for yourself?
  • What are the main 10 ingredients in your cupboard you believe anyone wanting to make the change to healthy eating should own?
  • What are your thoughts on reverse dieting and do you have some advice on how and how long one should do it?
  • Can you make me a Victoria sponge please??
  • What is carb cycling?
  • 3 meals a day or a 3 meals a day and 2 snacks?
  • Do you think it is dangerous to have such a general daily calorie intake in the diet industry? The whole 1,200-1,500 for everybody seems dangerous to me. What do you recommend?
  • Have you got a sample vegan 3 day plan?
  • Diet tips for psoriasis?
  • Fave nakd bar flavour?
  • What is your hair colour?
  • Did you do the undergraduate dietetic course?
  • What is a day in your life like as a dietitian?



Thank you as always for watching and supporting my YouTube Channel!!


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  1. Jawad
    July 18, 2015 / 2:25 pm

    Your website is really insightful and informative! Good job gorgeous.

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