Ask a Dietitian.. My First Q&A!

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Hello! I get so many questions on social media that I thought I would put together a video answering some of them.. I really hope your question features but if not leave it down below in the comments section or underneath the video or ask me it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #AskDietNic and I will make another video like this :) .


Keep Calm & Ask a Dietitian


My first #AskDietNic video features questions and answers about my braces, food cravings, sweeteners, IBS, detox teas, macros, calorie counting, fat vs. sugar, gluten, cereal bars and more and you can watch it either below or on my YouTube Channel – do subscribe if you want to see more videos from me! Thank you!



Links Mentioned in the Video…

My Video on Braces

Blog Post on How to Avoid Sugary Cravings

Blog Post on Sweeteners & Sugar

Protein Dyanmix (use NIC20 for 20% off!) – the unflavoured whey protein contains zero sweeteners (I personally though prefer the flavoured ones – my favourite is chocolate brownie!!)

Video on IBS

Information on PCOS

Information on a Low GI Diet

Juices vs. Smoothies Blog Post

Video on Snack Bars

Metabolism Calculator

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Comments (12)

  1. posted by Aubrey on March 22, 2015

    Thank you for the great video!
    I was wondering what is considered active for a women.
    I usually eat 2000 calories, but I stand 8 hours at my job. Walk 2 miles a day and exercise 10-20 minutes videos on youtube.
    Is this considered active or moderate?

  2. posted by Emma on April 17, 2015

    Hi ! I’m a big fan of your blog. I find carbohydrates such a controversial topic and find it very hard to know if they’re to be avoided or not etc. If I eat them it’s always oats,brown rice, brown spelt, wholewheat, buckwheat etc but recently I’ve found myself trying to avoid them. I would love if you could clarify this thanks ! Also are breads ok or how’s the best way to pick one ?
    Thanks a million

  3. posted by Emma on May 9, 2015

    Hi nic !
    I’ve recently taken an interest in vegetarian diets. At the moment I am a pescitarian but I was thinking of going further. Is there any reason this is better for our health or is pescitarian just as healthy ? Thanks a million

    • posted by Nics Nutrition on May 9, 2015

      Hello! Due to the beneficial omega 3 fatty acids that we get from oily fish I would say stay pescitarian :) x

      • posted by Emma on May 9, 2015

        Thanks again!

  4. posted by Carla on August 13, 2015

    Hi Nichola,
    Can you give me more insight from your own personal experience on what to expect on doing the Health and Exercise Science Degree, how did you find it, what did you most/least enjoy, how much physical was there compared to theory??
    Thank you


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