Tips for Thicker & Fuller Hair!

Tips for Thicker & Fuller Hair!

You may not know this, but one of the reasons I started blogging was because I loved reading about beauty and wanted to ‘give something back’. I started writing about diet and nutrition over 7 years ago now, and one of my first ever blog posts (back in January 2012) was actually on foods for healthy skin.

This is why I am super proud that today’s blog post is in collaboration with an amazing new brand who has made products for people who want thicker and fuller hair, having suffered hair loss, thin and/or thinning hair; did you know that a recent report discovered that 57% of women reported having experienced one or more of these? There are many factors that contribute to hair loss and thinning hair including stress, hormonal changes, over-styling, genetics and poor diet.

The Thicker Fuller Hair range targets scalp health and has been developed by an Ayurvedic Chemist and Trichologist to harness natural ingredients to target a natural problem. They have recently launched in the UK and as well as being 100% vegan (it’s not tested on animals either) it is SLS/Paraben/Phthalata free and colour safe too. The products contains the following botanical ingredients:

  • Organic Quinoa
  • Vegan Keratin
  • Vitamineral Boost (copper, magnesium and zinc)
  • Pea Sprout
  • Caffeine
  • Organic Baobab (from the African tree)
  • Neem Leaf

I absolutely love the range which makes my hair feel thicker, holds my style in longer and, most importantly to me as a busy mum, means that I don’t have to wash it as often! Their range is ideal if you’re like me and have naturally thin/fine hair, or if you’ve recently had a baby and are experiencing postpartum hair loss (this is something that I am currently dealing with!).

I am often asked if there are any foods that can help make your hair healthier and here is what I recommend:

  • Chicken, Meat, Fish, Eggs & Quinoa – These foods provide protein as well as vitamin B7 (more commonly known as biotin). Protein is building blocks to all of our cells, including the cells in our hair, and poor protein intake has been linked to hair loss. Protein is therefore essential for healthy hair and hair growth. Meat and fish also contain iron and low iron levels have also been linked to hair loss. Iron is also found in fortified cereals.
  • Oily Fish such as Salmon, Mackerel & Sardines – These are our main dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids and are anti-inflammatory. A small number of studies have linked omega-3 to hair growth and density and the general advice is to consume two portions of fish a week, one of which is oily.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – These powerful little seeds contain zinc which helps with maintenance and growth of hair. Deficiencies of this mineral have also been linked to brittle hair.
  • Brazil Nuts – These delicious nuts are a good dietary source of selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to keep our body and cells healthy, including maintaining a healthy scalp.
  • Avocado– Avocados are packed with healthy fats as well as vitamin E, another antioxidant and fat-soluble vitamin, which protects cells against damage and has been linked to the prevention of hair loss and scalp dryness.
  • Fruit & Vegetables such as Strawberries, Peppers & Broccoli – These are great sources of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to protect hair follicles against damage and helps our body to absorb iron. The body also uses vitamin C to produce collagen; a protein that helps strengthen hair to prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking.
  • Vitamin D – This hormone (yes it’s a hormone rather than a vitamin!) may help to keep hair follicles healthy. It is very difficult to get sufficient Vitamin D from the foods we eat on a daily basis, therefore a 10 mcg Vitamin D supplement is advisable to ensure you get sufficient Vitamin D to protect you and your hair; especially in autumn and winter months.

In addition to a healthy diet, limiting the number of times a week that you use heat styling tools will also help the health of your hair, as well as using appropriate hair care products such as those from Thicker Fuller Hair.

The Thicker Fuller Hair collection comprises of a:

  • Strengthening Shampoo – Clear the way for wholesome body and healthy volume.
  • Nourishing Conditioner – Ultra-lightweight whilst providing essential nourishment.
  • Root Lifting Serum – Defy gravity for fabulous looking fullness and mega volume.
  • Energising Daily Scalp Tonic – To create the optimal conditions for healthy-looking hair.

Have you tried the Thicker Fuller Hair collection yet? It’s available from Boots and Tesco and you can follow them on Instagram too @thickerfullerhair_uk.

Do you have any more tips for healthy hair?

This blog post has been written in collaboration with Thicker Fuller Hair. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.


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