The Mummy Nutrition eBook!

The Mummy Nutrition eBook!

At the end of 2021, I was thrilled to share my first ever eBook! As well as over 12 years of experience as a dietitian working in the area of weight management, one of my passions – especially since becoming a mother myself, has been helping women to meet their nutritional needs for mum and baby throughout pregnancy and postpartum too.

As many of you may know now I have two little ones so I’ve used both the science and my own experience to create accessible and practical tips to support you, (or someone you know!) in the lifelong learning journey that is known as Motherhood.

Below is a sneak peak of some of the features and contents of the eBook!

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Why I wrote this book {extract}

This eBook has been something that I’ve been meaning to put together for the last 3 years – ever since I fell pregnant with my now toddler, as despite already conducting clinics with expectant mothers and ladies who were trying to conceive or who were postpartum, the way I conveyed my messages changed when I experienced pregnancy myself – all of a sudden I knew what morning sickness actually felt like, and how tiredness can hit a whole new level when you have a bump. Not to mention what life is then like in the 4th trimester and beyond – it can be REALLY hard to prioritise nutrition and fitness, and that’s coming from personal experience.

Taking this into account, I wanted to create a guide that is not only educational but practical too, giving you the information to help you to lead a healthy lifestyle as much as possible, no matter what you may be experiencing.

So why nutrition, and why now? The first 1,000 days of a child’s life (from the moment they are conceived until the age of 2 years old) can influence their health for a lifetime. It’s a time when their brain, body and immune system grows and develops significantly – more than at any other time! In addition to this, what we eat (& drink!) can have a huge effect on mum’s energy levels and recovery too. Nutrition matters!

I’m a realist though – pregnancy can be (very) tough for mothers to be, from nausea to sickness and cravings to fatigue, it can be hard to prioritise healthy eating (and rest and movement!) .. especially if you have other little ones too.

This is why I like to talk about what you can ADD to your diet i.e. what you can eat to provide both nourishment AND satisfaction.. as well as the odd chocolate biscuit or piece of cake (or pizza and chips in my case!!). Soul food is important too!

So read on to find out my top tips and keep in mind that you can skip over bits or come back to bits when relevant. I wish you all the best in your pregnancy journey, whatever stage you are at, and I’m so glad to be on it with you.

As well as providing you with heaps of information and tips, I’ve also answered many questions I’ve been sent via Instagram over the past few years including what you can/can’t eat during pregnancy and what you need to be more mindful of nutritionally and dietary wise throughout breastfeeding – I hope this helps to answer any questions you’ve found yourself wondering pre, during and post pregnancy!

If like me, you’re not planning anymore children – I also created a Post-Partum Only version (see the contens list here!) which is 1/3 of the regular price. Although it still contains over 60 pages of content (the full eBook is over 100 pages!).

For a limited time only, you can get 20% off the EBook with the code NEW YEAR up until the 10th January 2022!

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For more information on Nutrition in Pregnancy and becoming/ being a Mum – visit my MummyNutrition Instagram page @MummyNutrition or my blog at


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