Hangover Helper Juice Recipe

Hangover Helper Juice Recipe

Ever wondered how to get rid of a hangover?! Well, of course prevention is better than the cure and there are a few things that you can do to a) help minimise the risk of a hangover (aside from avoiding alcohol altogether!) and b) minimise symptoms the next day.. [check out my healthy alcohol tips] blog post for more information!


So now you know how to exhibit a little bit of “damage limitation” .. the juice recipe below is perfect for the ‘morning after the night before’ as it provides natural sugars to help get you back on your feet, vitamins and minerals to help top up depleted resources as well as lemon and ginger which are known for their cleansing and sickness reducing properties respectively.


THEN if you’re still feeling a little ‘blah’ in the afternoon you can checkout the amazing Caroline Mili Artiss and her delicious smoothie recipe to help pick you up again!


I used a Philips Juicer (#RealJuice) in the video which extracts more juice from fruit and vegetables while taking just one minute to clean (all the parts are dishwasher proof too!). It’s both easy to use and store due to its compact design and as you can see from the video it takes literally seconds to make a juice too!


Hangover Juice


P.S. This juice is the perfect pre-breakfast start to the day.. for inspiration as to what to have next check out my Healthy Breakfast Recipes!




Detox Juice





Hangover Juice Recipe


Happy partying 😉 – oh & don’t forget to check out my healthy party suggestions video too!



*Philips provided me with the juicer in order to make this recipe with. I do not promote products featured over others. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

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