Baking at Body Power Expo 2015

Baking at Body Power Expo 2015

The other week Protein Dynamix invited me to do a spot of baking at the Body Power Expo – I made three protein based recipes on stage and filmed whilst I was down there for you to see. I also met up with some of my favourite Foodie YouTubers and you can check out their links below!!


I really hope you like my video (I included snippets of me baking as well as talking through some nutrition/cooking tips too!) .. you can check out more videos on my YouTube Channel! Thank you for watching :).



P.S You can get 20% off the Protein Dynamix range with the code NIC20 (I love the vanilla ice-cream, chocolate brownie and NY cheesecake whey protein.. oh and their peanut butter!!)






The lovely girls who helped me to film/photograph the event & helped me with baking on stage…



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