5 Steps to a Healthier Diet (skip the FAD DIETS!!)

5 Steps to a Healthier Diet (skip the FAD DIETS!!)

If you’re in need of some quick and simple healthy diet tips then this blog post is for you. I want you to STOP those thoughts about ‘fad diet’ RIGHT NOW and instead start by tweaking your diet for good!

Step 1) Be your own ‘DIET DETECTIVE’ & find out what you’re eating NOW with a food diary..

Step 2) Ensure you have REGULAR MEALS.. including breakfast!

Step 3) Eat more fruit, vegetables & salad with the healthy portion plate rule & my healthy food shopping list for inspiration!

Step 4) Think PORTION CONTROL.. go easy on the carbs & ensure you’re eating enough protein..

Step 5) STOP thinking in ‘black & white’ .. make the 80:20 rule the only diet rule that you follow!


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I hope you find this video useful.. you can find more videos like this on my [YouTube Channel]!


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  1. Chris
    March 5, 2014 / 2:02 pm

    Do you have any advice on how to get over a weightloss plateau ive recently lost 10lbs and i’ve stuck at the point for the past few weeks now. I don’t have much more to loose to reach my target and its really frustrating

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