5 Nutrition & Diet Myths BUSTED

5 Nutrition & Diet Myths BUSTED

Hello! So following on from my blog post last week all about my top 5 energy hacks, here is another quick video from me, this time busting 5 of the most common nutrition and diet myths that I hear. I filmed this video for Alive! multivitamins before my wedding and really hope you find it useful! 🙂


Above: Wearing a Jack Wills Jumper & Sweaty Betty Leggings


  • MYTH 1) “Eating past 6pm is bad for you”

The Truth: Your body doesn’t store more calories if you eat late in the day, but ideally you should have your last main meal around 2-3 hours before bedtime to avoid indigestion. Eating late is only problematic if you’re snacking on high calorie foods out of boredom or habit because then you’ll be eating too many calories over the whole day.



  • MYTH 2) “My diet gives me all the nutrients I need”

The Truth: Although it’s important to get nutrients primarily from food, children and adults in the UK should take a supplement containing at least 10mcg of vitamin D, such as these from Alive!, especially in the autumn and winter months. Foods high in Vitamin D include cheese, eggs and salmon.



MYTH 3)  “You need to eat super-foods to be healthy”

The Truth: The term ‘superfood’ is a marketing tool as there is no legal definition for it! In general though it refers to foods which are nutrient dense i.e. contain lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre. All fruits and vegetables are superfoods in my eyes and we should ideally be eating at least five 80g servings a day. Try to eat a range of different colours, to ensure that you’re getting a wide variety of nutrients.



  • MYTH 4) “You need to detox to get rid of toxins”

The Truth: Rather than planning a one-off detox, the best advice is simply to keep our bodies in tip top shape. Having a healthy diet, staying hydrated, keeping active and getting enough sleep are essential; If we keep our bodies in good working order they will do the detoxing for us (that’s the job of our liver and kidneys!).



  • MYTH 5) “Eating bread is bad for you”

The Truth: There is no such thing as good and bad foods (all foods provide some goodness; even if it’s for the soul!), however moderation is key. Seeded and rye bread is a great source of B vitamins as well as whole-grain goodness, which helps to keep our digestive systems moving. With a low GI this type of bread releases its energy slowly which will help to keep you going throughout the entire day.



Don’t listen to common myths. Always question the source of health and fitness advice being given to you and if in doubt ask to see the evidence!



*The jumper featured was gifted to me. I worked with Alive to film this video for their YouTube Channel however have been a fan of the product for the last few years. Product collaborations to not influence advice given. I do not promote products featured over others that are not featured. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.


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