What I Eat – My Weekly Food Shop

What I Eat – My Weekly Food Shop

This week I thought I’d share with you the one tip that will save you both time and money! The tip is online food shopping, and it’s something that I’ve been to get into the habit of ever since I moved house last July.


Online food shopping means that you can do your food shopping stress free, in the comfort of your own home and you can check the cupboards/fridge in your house WHILST you shop to see what you need! There’s also no ‘oh no I forgot XXX’ when you get home as you can actually add foods to your shop after clicking ‘order’! With zero transport costs and the fact that your shopping list is saved for you to easily re-order the following week I seriously cannot believe that I haven’t done this regularly before!


However, I have now FINALLY done it and have signed up to the new Tesco delivery saver service where you pay just £2.50 or £3 a month (following a 1 month free trial) for as many grocery deliveries as you like that are over £40. I do at least one shop a week that’s over £40 (I shop for two people) meaning that it will cost me just 63p to get my food delivered! This is great for me as I usually spend at least £2 on impulse purchases/drive home snacks when I actually go to the shops! Online food shopping also means that I get to order in bulk easily; I can never face lugging loads of heavy canned foods around!


You can check out the Tesco delivery service for yourself [here] and so far I really have been impressed – my deliveries have been on time and they brand match meaning if you could have got a product cheaper elsewhere then they take the difference off your food bill!


My Weekly Food Shop

My Weekly Food Shop


SO.. onto my food order which came to around £50 & included mainly fresh foods that I was running out of. I was already stocked up with foods including eggs, oats, rice, tomatoes, wraps and spices etc. so please don’t think that this is ALL that I ate – you can see what exactly I eat in a day in my What I Ate Wednesday blog post :).


Here is what I ordered, along with what I plan on making too…


  • Teapigs apple & cinnamon tea – it’s lovely!
  • Twinings spicy chai tea – tastes lovely with milk!
  • Chickpeas – to make hummus with!
  • Butterbeans – to add to salads
  • Kidney beans – for a chilli
  • Tuna – canned in spring water for a wrap for lunch
  • Chopped tomatoes – for chilli
  • Tomato puree – for chillis
  • Baked beans – to add to anything!!
  • Mushrooms – for salads or a stir-fry
  • Aubergine – baked as a snack (as I describe in the video!) or in an aubergine bake
  • Carrots – to go with the hummus
  • Spinach – to go in smoothies!
  • Courgette – I love grated courgette in porridge and courgetti!
  • Spring onions – perfect in an omelette
  • Cucumbers – great for salads
  • Peppers – perfect in a stir-fry
  • Avocados – to make avocado chocolate mousse 🙂
  • Lettuce – essential for a healthy wrap or salad base!
  • Cauliflower – amazing as a pizza base!
  • Bananas – I eat them every day (love them in a smoothie!)
  • Apples – the perfect snack
  • Satsumas – great snack for on the go
  • Glorious! soup – a perfect quick lunch
  • Natural yoghurt – for dessert
  • Coconut milk – great for coffee or porridge
  • Skimmed milk – great in a smoothie
  • Turkey breast steaks – perfect for dinner
  • Salmon – I love baked salmon with yoghurt!
  • Bacon – a weekly treat!
  • Chicken breasts – to use in my chicken breast with mozzarella recipe!
  • Beef mince (5%) – to make a bolognese with!




*I do not promote products featured over others that are not featured. Tesco offered for me to try the service for free however I have decided to sign up with them for the rest of the year. All opinions are 100% honest. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.


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