Student Tips for Weight Loss

Student Tips for Weight Loss

This week I’m talking about how to avoid weight gain as a student.. talking you through the reasons why I personally gained over a stone in 2 months when I first went to university and then how I lost it (the non-expensive way!) in my second and third years.


I really hope you find this video useful, and if you have any more tips then do leave them as a comment below!!



P.S And to summarise, here are the main reasons why I ended up gaining such a relatively large amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time:

  • I drank ALOT of alcohol .. namely Irish Cream which is loaded with calories (in the form of fat and sugar!)
  • I snacked mindlessly on rounds and rounds of toast with jam and butter plus dry cereal and packets of sweets!
  • I didn’t fill up on fruit and vegetables
  • I didn’t weigh myself and so didn’t notice the weight going on!


And here is what I did to lose the weight and become a healthier student!

  • I planned my meals for the week (I had 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day) – I enjoyed overnight oats or porridge for breakfast and made home-made hummus! 
  • I drank less alcohol and chose lower calorie spirits with a low calorie mixer
  • I cooked with a friend and we experimented with healthy recipes from magazines
  • I bought lots of fresh fruit and vegetables from the market (cheaply!) and bought from the basic ranges in supermarkets
  • I cycled to lectures and worked in a bar (which I walked too and from 3 times a week)

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