Muscle Food’s Do The Unthinkable Review & Discount Code

Muscle Food’s Do The Unthinkable Review & Discount Code

The other week I tried out Muscle Food’s Do the Unthinkable Plan; I had 5 days worth of meals delivered to my house (although you can choose to have 6 or 7 days worth delivered a week) in addition to an exercise DVD and a ‘transform your body chart’ to complete over 90 days.


In addition to a full week’s worth of meals, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 high protein snacks a day you also receive access to an online personal trainer in addition to an online exercise glossary to make sure you’re doing every exercise correctly. The meals and workouts provided are based around your overall goal, for example losing weight or building muscle, in additional to your height, weight and gender.


Muscle Food say that you can transform your body in just 90 days and the beauty of their plan is that they do the prep and planning for you; it requires minimal thought and preparation. To see a selection of the foods that I was provided with keep scrolling, and if you want to try the Do the Unthinkable Plan for yourself then feel free to use my 10% off discount code which is NIC10 🙂 .



Examples of Breakfast

  • Porridge Pots; Apple & Cinnamon Protein Porridge, Fuel 10k Low Sugar Crunchy Peanut Porridge, OOmf! Instant Oats Banana

You simply add hot water to these porridge pots and mix. I really enjoyed the porridge, especially the variety of flavours and you can also add your own fresh fruit!



Examples of Lunch

  • Satay & Chicken Rice Pot
  • Beef Lasagne & Italian Veg Meal
  • Oriental Chicken Pad Thai Meal
  • Persian Lime Chicken with Quinoa Meal
  • Pulled Pork with Chipotle Beans

The lunches were delicious and I loved the speed at which you could heat them up in; I took the above meals to work with me and they made lunch not only a pleasure to eat but super simple to prepare for too!



Evening Meals

  • Goats Cheese Diet Pizza
  • Chicken Tikka Light Pizza
  • Chicken Fajita Stir Fry Mix
  • Chinese Style Pork Stir Fry Mix
  • MOCK Chicken Jeera

The evening meal selection was my favourite; I LOVED the pizzas as well as the stir-frys which included an amazing selection of vegetables in addition to marinated meat.



Snacks – Morning, Afternoon & Evening

  • Protein Bars; Fulfil Cookies & Cream Bar, PHD Diet Whey Protein Bar – Double Chocolate, Chocolate Decadence Protein Bar
  • Smoky BBQ Zippers
  • Chinese Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup
  • Cheese & Onion Whey Protein Crisps
  • Ready to Eat Chinese Chicken on a Stick
  • British Grass Fed Beef Jerky
  • British Grass Fed Lean Biltong
  • Fresh Fruit (optional extra)

If you follow me on social media then you’ll know that I love to snack and this plan didn’t disappoint with 3 snacks a day. If you don’t like eating between meals then you could always eat have the snacks with your meals or save them for an evening time; there aren’t any rules when it comes to calorie timing across the day. In addition to the snacks provided you can also add 3-4 pieces of fresh fruit a day too.


  • Workouts

The workouts are divided into 3 phases and include Circuit workouts, Tabata, Plyometric circuits, Super-sets and Pyramid training. Rest days are factored in, in addition to a fitness test which you complete on day 1 and then at the end of each phase which lasts 30 day.


  • Final Verdict

Overall I’m really impressed with Muscle Food’s Do the Unthinkable Plan and I think it’s ideal for busy people who need help with food prep and an exercise plan. I personally like the 5 day plan which allows for weekends ‘off’ (in case you go out etc.!) however the 6 and 7 day plan is more cost effective and, of course, is likely to get you faster results.


The code NIC10 code will give you 10% off your first order of the Do The Unthinkable Plan.


*I was provided with a box of Muscle Food meals to write this review. All words are my own and are honest. This blog post contains an affiliate link. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.


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