The A-Z Food Trends of 2024

The Future of Our Plates. As we step into 2024, the culinary world is buzzing with an array of food trends shaped by global influences, local needs, and the ever-evolving consumer palate. From ancient grains… View Post

How much Caffeine is OK to have?

Caffeine is a natural physical & mental stimulant that can boost alertness, attention, and even performance before exercising. Caffeine can be found naturally in a variety of food and drinks such as chocolate, cola and… View Post

Summery Salmon & Avocado Rainbow Salad 

This recipe is super quick to whip up, looks impressive and is delicious too. In order to create a satisfying salad, you need to make sure that it’s balanced to include all of the major… View Post

The 80/20 Lifestyle

We’ve seen viral videos on trends like the celery juice diet, nature’s cereal (aka berries & ice!!), and no-bread sandwiches with peppers or mushrooms as the bun – MADNESS. Many popular diet methods tend to… View Post

Do You Need to Count Calories?

⁣ In the nutrition world, there is this big myth, that if you want to lose or gain weight you have to count calories. However, you don’t need to count calories, learning to listen to… View Post
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