How to be more Productive

How to be more Productive

With the New Year rapidly approaching, you’re bound to be thinking about your New Year’s Resolution(s). Mine, is to become more productive by listening to my body i.e. getting ample rest and sticking to a healthy routine.


In order for your brain to function (and mine too!) you need:

  1. Adequate rest – Around 7-8 hours sleep a night
  2. A clear head – For me this means my filofax has to be update & my home needs to be tidy
  3. Regular healthy meals – To keep your body fuelled
  4. A plan – What are you going to do and when are you going to do it


The other week Regus asked me for my top productivity tips and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. With working full time, blogging and trying to maintain a half decent social life you HAVE to be productive i.e. making the most of your time.


So, these are my top 5 tips for increasing your productivity through leading a healthier lifestyle:


  • 1) Get Enough Sleep 

How do you feel and function when you’ve had a lack of sleep the night before? I for one do NOT feel 100% and find myself thinking about how tired I am, rather than the task in hand. Research also shows that sleep deprivation can lead to consuming an increased number of calories from high fat/sugar food sources (our brains are craving energy!). Will power may also be compromised meaning you may no longer be as motivated to tick off your to do list.

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night to ensure that your brain and body is adequately rested in order to function optimally the next day (and to keep your weight healthy too!).




  • 2) Eat Breakfast

Breakfast provides nutrients and energy to fuel your morning and research shows that breakfast eaters have higher levels of concentration and lower levels of stress than breakfast skippers. Having a healthy breakfast in particular can help to set your good-intentions for the day, and will mean that you are less likely to reach for the office biscuits come 10am.

To make sure that your breakfast is balanced aim to include a protein source, such as yoghurt, milk or eggs, a fruit or vegetables source e.g. bananas on porridge or spinach in a smoothie and a slow release carbohydrate source such as oats or wholegrain toast. Check out my breakfast recipes for inspiration!


Festive Porridge with Apple


  • 3) Stay Hydrated

Maintaining adequate hydration levels (i.e. drinking enough fluid) helps your body to maintain vital functions including keeping your brain working optimally. A lack of fluid (i.e. dehydration) can lead to headaches which may distract you from your daily tasks and physical tasks may also be compromised.

To make sure that you’re drinking enough aim for your urine to be a pale straw colour. Keep a water bottle with you to encourage you to drink more and don’t forget about herbal teas to add a little variety and flavour. Regular teas and coffees also count towards your fluid intake (as do smoothies and soups!).


Healthy Green Smoothie


  • 4) Take your Lunch Break

It may seem that you’ll get more done by working through your lunch break but ‘breaks’ are there for a reason and our brain thrives on a little ‘rest’ time between tasks. Time away from your computer is essential for your eyes and brain so be sure to take a little break away from your desk.

Whether you buy your lunch or take it with you (check out my healthy lunch recipes for inspiration!), eat it AWAY from your desk and try to get outside for a brisk walk – your brain and subsequent productivity levels will thank you for it!


The Pure Wraps coconut review


  • 5) Keep Moving 

Keep your body moving throughout the day so that you don’t become restless or sluggish. Your digestive system for one needs movement in order to work effectively and your body is designed to MOVE, not to sit all day.

I personally am a big fan of walking meetings – where possible I suggest to my colleagues that we ‘walk and talk’ and it really is amazing how the conversation flows! If not a meeting, I always try to walk at lunch time for at least 15 minutes – I use my MisFit Shine to track my steps (check out my Misfit Review for more information) and to keep me motivated to keep moving throughout the day!





What are your tips for becoming more productive? I would love to hear them!



*This blog post was written in collaboration with Regus. All words and opinions are my own and are 100% honest. Please read my disclaimer page for more information. 


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