Healthy Tortilla Pizza Recipe

Healthy Tortilla Pizza Recipe

Hello! I do hope that you’re well! This week I wanted to share with you an updated version of a healthy pizza recipe that I first blogged about back in 2013.


I LOVE pizza (who doesn’t!), but I’m not a huge fan of the vast amount of calories that usually come with them.. you can be talking one to two THOUSAND, the latter of which is what the average women should eat in a whole day! This pizza recipe though is different, as it comes in at less than 350 calories; ideal if you’re watching your weight.



I used pitta bread in my 2013 recipe, but lately have been using wraps or tortillas to make pizzas and the result is equally as yummy! I’ve also been experimenting with ways of making the toppings even more scrumptious too, for example by adding dried oregano as well as basil and stirring in cream cheese into the vegetables for on top (honestly it seems to work!!). Oh, and if you’re after a pizza made using cauliflower as the base (making it gluten free too) then check out my Cauliflower Pizza Recipe!


Before I get onto the recipe though I have to tell you the inspiration behind this post.. October is breast cancer awareness month, and one of my favourite wrap brands, Mission Deli, for the third year, have turned their Original packs pink to raise awareness and are donating £50,000 to Breast Cancer Care – great work guys!


As a chosen ‘Pinkfluencer’, Mission Deli asked me to share an ‘open letter’ to a friend telling them how important they are, given that many women think that they couldn’t get through difficult times in life without the support of friends. So after you’ve read my recipe below or watched the recipe video above, keep on scrolling to read my letter :).


Happy cooking guys!


Healthy Tortilla Recipe

Healthy Tortilla Recipe



  • 1 round tortilla – I used a large one but you could use a mini one or wholemeal one too
  • Spray oil – I use rapeseed or olive oil
  • 4 tbsp passata (sieved tomatoes) – enough to cover your tortilla
  • Your chosen vegetables; I love peppers, mushrooms, aubergine, spinach and red onion (chopped)
  • Optional – 1 tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 tsp dried oregano & 1 tsp dried basil
  • 40g grated mozzarella
  • Optional – slices of cooked chicken
  • Salad to serve (of course!)



  1. Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees C and line a baking tray with baking paper or baking foil (spritz them with a little oil to prevent any sticking)
  2. Place your tortilla on the tray and add a thin layer of passata (if your layer is too thick then the wrap may go soggy!), leaving an edge free from tomatoes (the resemble a pizza crust!)
  3. Stir-fry your chopped chosen vegetables with a little oil and add the oregano and basil plus the optional cream cheese
  4. Add the vegetables to your tortilla before sprinkling with mozzarella and adding optional slices of cooked meat
  5. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes (until the cheese is melted and tortilla is browned)
  6. Serve with salad (optional but recommended!) and enjoy 🙂


Nutrition Stats

  • Using 1 Mission Deli Original Wrap, passata, 40g Mozzarella & mixed vegetables:
  • 341 kcal, 40g carbs, 12g fat & 17g protein


Healthy Tortilla Pizza

Healthy Tortilla Pizza


My open letter for #FriendshipUnwrapped & Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Dear Sarah,

As my little sister you are my oldest and dearest friend. When your beautiful head of red hair entered my world in 1988 I couldn’t have been happier; MY little sister. I cared SO much for you; even if this was helped by the fact that my parents told me that YOU had bought me that amazing trike on my 2nd birthday, when you were only 8 days old.. (!).

This letter isn’t to reminisce about our childhood though, it’s to say thank you for becoming my best friend. Mum predicted it, but I never did.. the 2 year age gap growing up seemed a lot, and although we had LOTS of fun together.. we also annoyed the hell out of each other and had our fair share of sisterly fall outs.. I still am SO sorry for throwing that bottle of Boots body spray at you!!

So here goes.. Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what. Thank you for holding me up after too many drinks at my 22nd birthday party (!) and thank you for listening to me complain about boys.. Thank you dropping me off at my first ‘blind date’ with Oliver (my now finance!) 8 years ago, and for helping me to stalk his Facebook page.. working out if he could be ‘the one!’ and thank you for helping us with our first home. You have given us SO much of your time; from chipping off tiles in our old kitchen to peeling the wall paper off the walls.. you didn’t have to do any of it yet you did, and for that I am so grateful. Thank you also for all of your amazing birthday gifts.. from a surprise helicopter ride in New York to the cutest stationary that you knew I would love.. you are SO thoughtful I could squeeze you right now!!

I love you little sis and I love how our friendship never falters, how a fall out is only ever temporary, and how we would drop anything and everything for each other. I am in awe of the kind yet fiery women you have become as well as your career success, and I cannot wait to help you with your new home. Thank you for always being there for me .. and I promise that I will always be there for you.

Love big sis xxx

P.S. This recipe was inspired by you as I know you love it!!


Nichola and Sarah

Photo Credit: Amy, another dear friend & amazing woman, from Fields Photography London.


*This blog post was written in collaboration with Mission Deli for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.


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