Multipower Fit Protein Lite Review

Multipower Fit Protein Lite Review

The other week I was sent some bottles of ‘Fit Protein Lite’ from Multipower. I’m always keen to try out new products to the market and thought I’d review the shakes for you!

Fit Protein Lite is a post workout, ready to drink protein shake, that’s high in protein, low in carbs and virtually fat free. Each 500ml bottle provides 40g of milk protein to support muscle building and recovery in just 225 calories, 13g carbs and 1g fat. The shakes are vegetarian and gluten-free and contain no added sugar.

Fit Protein Lite Review

The ingredients list consists of: skimmed milk (48%), water, milk protein (7.4%), stabilizers: cellulose, cellulose gum and carrageenan; flavour and sweetener: sucralose. I tried out the vanilla flavoured shakes and they taste like a smooth milk shake – not at all ‘heavy’ as some whey protein shakes can taste. A thumbs up from me on the taste front!

Fit Protein Review

At 40g of protein/bottle the shakes would be suitable for those with high protein intakes such as strength athletes or those who have a high body weight and who are trying to gain muscle mass. Individuals such as these may require as much as 1.7-2g protein per Kg of body weight, meaning an 80Kg individual could need as much as 136-160g protein/day. This is much higher than what the average person requires (0.8g/Kg of body weight a day, which would be equal to 64g protein/day). Eating a high protein diet IS possible through food alone however protein shakes can be a convenient way of meeting protein needs in a relatively low calorie and low volume way.

Fit Protein Lite

The shakes tastes great both out of the fridge and at room temperature, so are ideal for keeping in your gym bag. Although the shakes aren’t necessarily suitable for everyone, they certainly could play a role in helping those with exceptionally high protein needs meet their daily intake.

Have you tried these drinks before? What did you think?



*MultiPower UK provided samples of the product mentioned free of charge however this review is 100% honest and of my own opinion. I was compensated in terms of money/a gift of value for the time it took me to write this blog post. I was not influenced in any way by the free samples/incentives supplied and do not promote this product more than other products that I have not reviewed. Please read my disclaimer page for more information, as well as for my overall view on protein powders/shakes.


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