American Style Banana Protein Pancakes

Protein pancakes make the perfect post-work out snack (to help with muscle recovery) and when eaten for breakfast could help with weight loss; this is because protein makes you feel fuller for longer meaning less… View Post

Pumpkin Granola Recipe

Pumpkin granola makes the perfect autumn/winter breakfast and it can also make the perfect ‘artisan’ Christmas present. It does however taste totally delicious all year round and thanks to Waitrose and Amazon you can buy… View Post

Oat & Blueberry Pancake Recipe

So who doesn’t love pancakes?!   Pancakes make the prefect breakfast or weekend brunch, but the ‘usual’ pancake recipes are often high in calories/fat (because of the butter) and refined white flour (lacking in fibre). This… View Post

How to Stop Over-Eating!

Are YOU an Over-Eater?   Over-eating presents its self in many ways; emotional or comfort eating, over-eating and then starving, using food as reward, grazing, eating large portions, binge eating “out of control eating”, and… View Post

3 Ingredient Protein Cookies

These cookies are amazing.   They take literally 5 minutes to make, use only 2 (without the protein powder) to 3 ingredients (plus extras IF wanted), and take just 15-20 minutes to bake; they are… View Post
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