Why Exercise?

Exercise and activity (moving around more) is great for the following reasons: It helps to boost metabolic rate and burn calories It contributes to weight loss and more importantly, keeping weight off It can increase self-esteem… View Post

Preparation is Everything.. The Key to Successful Weight Loss

The key to achieving your nutritional goals is preparation. Have a think about which aspects of your diet you wish to change (write them down if needed) and when you feel ready, set about preparing… View Post

How to Choose a Healthy Coffee

Coffee shops are everywhere, but what do you ask for if you are trying to ‘be healthy’? Black tea has zero calories and black fresh filter coffee only 4 calories.. but what about the more… View Post

It’s Not All About Weight

It’s not all about weight.. but it’s a good place to start. What I mean by this, is that although losing weight and achieving a healthy body weight is important, the scales shouldn’t rule your… View Post

Simple Swaps for a Healthier Diet

I’m a big fan of ‘simple swaps’.. Those little changes that you can easily make which mean that overall your diet isn’t that much different, but actually you are a lot healthier in the long… View Post
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