Healthy Snacking whilst Shopping!

Healthy Snacking whilst Shopping!

You’re out shopping.. and now you’re hungry.. but what healthy snacks can you buy to munch on?!


I always carry a bottle of water with me when I’m shopping (or buy one at the first place I go to!) but when it comes to snacks, more often than not, I will buy them ‘on the go’ – to keep in my bag for when hunger strikes (and it’s not quite lunch/dinner time!).


After Superdrug saw my ‘Healthy Travel Snacks’ blog post the other week they challenged me to find some “Nic’s Nutrition” approved snacks in their shop.. and I’m pleased to report that I find a few!


Do let me know if you spot any other healthy finds, but for now here is what I bought!




BareBArs are an all natural energy bar made from dried fruit and nuts and they seriously tastes amazing (my favourite flavour is apple & cinnamon, followed by the orange & cocoa and finally the red berry!). They are similar to the Nakd bars (which I love!) and are wheat, gluten and diary free (for those who are intolerant amongst us!).

The ingredients of the Apple & Cinnamon bar (FYI!) are: Dates 52%, cashew nuts, apple 16%, agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon 0.9% and lemon balm extract. They come in at 138-159 calories per 40g bar  (20g carbs, 2.5g protein and 4.7g fat for the apple & cinnamon bar) and get a huge thumbs up from me!


The Primal Pantry


These bars are now known as The Primal Pantry Bars (the bars I bought are the old packaging!), and (like the BareBArs) are based around fruit and nuts with no added sugar.

They contain minimal ingredients; e.g. the Hazelnut & Cocoa bar (perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth!) contains; Dates, hazelnuts 28%, almonds, cocoa powder 5.5%, vanilla powder and almond oil which means that it’s wheat, gluten and dairy free (so again perfect for anyone with intolerances). The 45g bars come in at 190-220 calories (18.4g carbs, 4.1g protein and 10.6g fat for the hazelnut & cocoa bar) and are an ideal mid meal or pre-workout energy snack!

P.S I don’t promote the ‘paleo diet’ per se but do think that eating more wholefoods such as fruit and nuts is good (if you’re not allergic!!).


Maxinutrition Milk


I’ve already reviewed the 250ml version of the Maxi Nutrition Protein Milk (135 calories and 20g protein) and this is it’s big brother – 330ml providing 30g protein in under 200 calories. I’m a massive milk shake fan so these bottles to me taste delicious.

The milks don’t contain any added sugar and thanks to the protein should leave you feeling fuller for longer. Protein also helps to preserve lean muscle mass, which is ideal if you are trying to lose body fat or are exercising regularly.


Detox Smoothie


I haven’t heard of the brand Leader before (the same brand that makes the BareBArs) but this smootie powder definitly caught my eye. Although I’m not a fan of any product being called ‘detox’ (your body doesn’t need to be detoxed, but yes cutting down on junk food will help you to be healthy!!), the ingredients list looks good: Powder forms of pineapple, banana, apple juice, orange juice, barley grass, spirulina, spinach, germinated brown rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, psyllium seed, basil, mint, ginger, birch leaf extract, nettle leaf and chlorella. Now wasn’t that a mouthful! The fruit really helps to sweeten up the ‘greens’!

I wouldn’t recommend taking the smoothie powder as they suggest (1-3 sachets a day) but I would recommend it for a tasty, nutrient packed drink between meals (it’s packed with vitamin K1!). One serving comes in at 150 calories, 31g carbs, 0.7g fat and 4.1g protein and although it’s certainly not a meal replacement, it tastes nice with 500ml of soya milk – make sure to mix it well though, ideally in a shaker bottle!



What do you think of my selection?! Would you have picked anything else?! 




*This blog post was written in collaboration with Superdrug and contains affiliate links. All opinions and words are 100% my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

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