Healthy Fish & Chips



  1. Wash & chop off the ends of the sweet potato (peeling is optional) before slicing into 'chips' & placing in a bowl. Spray the 'chips' with spray oil (or drizzle with oil) & sprinkle on your chosen seasonings.. mix well before placing the chips on a baking tray & bake for around 40 minutes at 200 degrees C (turning half way) until cooked.
  2. Meanwhile put the flour in one shallow bowl, whisk the eggs & milk in a second shallow bowl and finally place the oats into a third and final bowl along with your seasonings and mix together (I also added some ground flaxseed to the oats too to make the fish look more golden!).. so you now have 3 bowls lined up!
  3. Take a fillet of fish and coat thinly in the flour, allowing any excess to fall off before dipping it in to the egg & milk mix (the flour helps the egg mix to 'stick'!) and then finally into the oat & seasoning bowl - make sure that all of the fish is coated in oats. Place on a plate and repeat for the second fillet.
  4. Take your frozen peas and place them in a microwavable bowl (or you could simmer them in a pan of water!) with a little water. Microwave for 3-5 minutes, stirring half way until cooked. Crush the peas down with the back of a fork if you want 'crushed peas' - I personally prefer this to mushy peas!
  5. Heat the oil in a pan and when hot add the fish. Fry on each side for 2-3 minutes or until cooked and place on a kitchen towel.
  6. Serve your fish with your home made baked sweet potato wedges, peas & an optional squirt of tommy K .. and enjoy!!


*You can use any white fish e.g. River Cobbler, Tilapia or Cod. You can keep the fish whole or slice it into smaller pieces if you’d prefer.

**I used oat flour aka ground up oats in the food processor.

***I used a Piri Piri mix which consists of dried chillies, dried onion, garlic & black pepper.

****I used Heinz however I’m going to buy some Walden Farms Sugar Free Ketchup for next time.

*****I used a spray oil for the sweet potatoes & Dr Zak’s coconut oil to fry the fish in.


Recipe by Nics Nutrition at