USN Caffe Latte Protein Mousse Review & Discount Code

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USN Protein Mousse Review

If you’ve never tried a protein mousse before then you are in for a treat.. (and if you love coffee, then you are in for even MORE of a treat!!).


Protein mousse is made from casein, which is one of the two proteins that make up dairy protein (the other being whey protein). Casein is relatively slow to digest which is why individuals who supplement their diets with it may have it in-between meals or before bed (this is opposed to whey protein which is faster to digest and absorb making it ideal for after a workout).


USN Protein Mousse


The protein mousse that I’ve been enjoying lately is from USN and is made from 92% Micellar casein. It comes in powder form (like most protein mousses) and you add 175-200ml milk or water to every 1 scoop (30g) to make a mousse-like consistency.


The mousse is high in protein (49g per 100g & 15g per serving), low in fat (0.4g per serving) and contains no added sugar. I decided to try the caffe latte flavour as although I’m not the biggest coffee drinker in the world, I do love a mocha or flavoured coffee from time to time. The mousse (in my opinion) certainly didn’t disappoint & has a lovely coffee flavour as well as a touch of cocoa.


USN Protein Mousse

USN Protein Mousse

USN Protein Mousse


Once mixed (you can mix up the mousse in a bowl with a spoon or in a shaker bottle) you can eat it as it is or add chopped bananas (it honestly tastes like coffee cake!!) or even desiccated coconut or flaked almonds. I like it best though with a touch of stevia (just like I have my coffee!!) and topped with frozen berries and cinnamon.. yum!


Protein supplements aren’t essential for life however they do offer a convenient, tasty and relatively low calorie way of meeting daily protein needs (0.8-2.2g/kg body weight depending on your activity levels – the more active you are, the more protein you will need). Protein mousse is also great if you have a sweet tooth (like me!) and want to indulge on an evening without breaking the calorie balance or breaking open a packet of biscuits!!


USN Protein Mousse


Have you tried protein mousse before?! If so what do you think?! If you haven’t (or have and LOVE it!) then you may want to head over to my Facebook Page where I’m giving away a cheeky tub – you can even choose which flavour you have; Caffe Latte, Peach & Mango or Strawberry & White Chocolate!


I also have a cheeky discount code which gets you a whopping 40% off (yes I know, I couldn’t believe it either!!).. Just head over to the USN website and use the code NIC40.




*This blog post has been written in collaboration with USN and contains affiliate links. All opinions and words are honest and are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.
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