Quick & Easy Banana Ice-Cream (5 ways!)

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Ever wondered how you make healthy dairy-free ice-cream from bananas?! Well wonder no more!!


It’s crazy to think that the pictures below are of blended fruit but they are (I promise!) and I can honestly say that banana ‘nice-cream’ tastes amazing – it’s super sweet and creamy but won’t break the calorie allowance. It’s also SUPER EASY to make as shown in the video above – all you need is a food processor (or a Yonanas machine .. which I reviewed [here]!) and it really does make for a delicious snack, dessert or even breakfast!


Bananas are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals and as they release their energy slowly this dessert should leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer!


In the video above I talk through a few ways that you can enjoy this ice-cream:

1) Vanilla: 1-2 ripe bananas + 1/2 tsp vanilla essence (topped with desiccated coconut/chocolate chips/honey – all optional!)

2) Chocolate: 1-2 ripe bananas + 1 heaped tbsp cocoa + 1 heaped tbsp stevia/xylitol (healthy sweetener)

3) Strawberry: 1-2 ripe bananas + handful of fresh berries

4) High Protein: 1-2 ripe bananas + 30g whey protein (use NIC10 for 10% off if you buy some!) - I added 30g vanilla ice-cream whey to the vanilla bananas, 30g chocolate brownie whey to the chocolate bananas & 30g strawberry milkshake whey to the strawberry bananas – you may or may not want to add a tbsp of almond milk to the food processor along with whey protein!).


The options for additions really are endless, you could also add things like peanut butter (yum!), or even fresh mint – do let me know if you have any other healthy addition suggestions!



  • Ripe bananas (peeled, chopped & frozen over-night in a food bag)*
  • Optional (as above): Vanilla essence, cocoa powder, berries, peanut butter or whey protein**

*The best bananas to use are those with the brown spots – which means that they are ripe!

**I used Protein Dynamix Whey Protein in Vanilla Ice-cream, Chocolate Brownie & Strawberry Milkshake flavour.. use NIC20 for 20% off!

NB: 1-2 bananas = 150g bananas approx. Nutritional information provided is per 100g banana with no added extras!

Healthy Banana Ice-Cream




Step 1

Add a couple of handfuls of your chopped frozen banana pieces for every serving that you want to make into a food processor (this recipe is great to make in bulk and then re-freezing for future desserts!).

Step 2

Blend until the bananas go crumbly, and then blend again (for 1-2 minutes) until the bananas turn into a lovely creamy ice-cream texture (scrape down the sides every so often) - as shown in the video.

Step 3

Once the bananas are a creamy texture, add your optional ingredients to make chocolate, berry or vanilla ice-cream (adding a dash of almond milk is optional) & blend again.

Step 4

Serve & top with desiccated coconut (optional!) and enjoy immediately or re-freeze and enjoy later (just make sure to thaw the mixture for 10 minutes first!) .. enjoy!!



Banana Ice-Cream Banana Berry Ice-cream Chocolate Banana Ice-Cream


Below is what the banana ice-cream looks like with whey protein (use the code NIC10 for 10% off!) added:


Banana Ice Cream with Vanilla Whey Banana Ice-Cream with Strawberry Whey Banana Ice-Cream with Chocolate Whey




P.S If you like this recipe then check out my Yonanas Review.. which you can buy [from Amazon]!


*This recipe was created in collaboration with Protein Dynamix. Please read my disclaimer page for more information and for my views on protein powders.

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