One Pan Healthy Spanish Omelette

  • Servings : 3
  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Cook Time : 10m
  • Ready In : 15m

If you’re looking for a super simple & quick, healthy breakfast that is perfect for after a work out and requires minimal washing up, then you’ve found it!


This is my post-workout breakfast for the Shake Up Your Wake Up breakfast campaign which you can read more about in my Baked Berry & Banana Oats Recipe Post.


This dish can serve 2-4 people, depending on how many eggs or potatoes you use (and how big your appetite is!) and you can easily bulk it out with more vegetables of your choice. The recipe below served 2 people plus 1 lunch serving for the next day (scroll down for my lunch prep picture!) – it reheats in just a couple of minutes!


To make this dish lower in calories and fat, replace 1-2 of the whole eggs with egg whites – egg whites are 100% protein (4g) and contain just 16 calories. You can even buy Liquid Egg Whites in a bottle (30ml = 1 medium egg white) – which means no more throwing yolks away!


Before this recipe I’ve never thought of buying tinned potatoes, but they are such a great cupboard staple and are perfect for reducing cooking time and washing up! – This recipe is also perfect for student living – breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!



  • 4 cooked new potatoes (fresh or tinned)
  • 4 eggs
  • 75ml milk (approx 1 tbsp per egg)
  • 1 pepper - sliced
  • 2 spring onions or 1 onion - sliced
  • 100g slices beans/sugar snap peas
  • Optional: 60g grated mozzarella*
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Rapeseed oil for frying**

*Mozzarella cheese has less fat than cheddar cheese – I bought mine already grated for ease!

**I use Rapeseed Oil (vegetable oil) for cooking savoury dishes because of it’s heart healthy properties! Nutrition information excludes oil!


healthy spanish omelette



Step 1

Heat a non-stick pan & add your oil before lightly frying the pepper & onion(s) until soft.

Step 2

Either add the beans to the pan or steam them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes before adding.

Step 3

Slice your baby potatoes and scatter around the pan.

Step 4

Beat the eggs with the skimmed milk and pour all over the vegetables and potatoes, season with salt & pepper.

Step 5

Heat the omelette for a few minutes until you can see the edges cooking, scatter the omelette with cheese (optional) and pop the omelette under the grill for a couple of minutes until golden brown/to your liking.

Step 6

Serve with a side salad.. and enjoy!


Spanish Omelette


This dish is also perfect for lunch the next day too!

omelette for lunch


UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who sends me pictures of my recipes on Twitter & Facebook - here are a selection!!


*With fresh baby potatoes & light feta cheese instead of mozzarella (thanks to little sis for this!)

Spanish Omelette

*This is the picture that inspired this recipe – Rachel used sugar snap peas, bacon & feta cheese.. and she has her left-overs cold the next day for lunch!

Spanish Omelette

*This recipe used broccoli & parmesan instead of mozzerella!

Spanish Omelette

*With mushrooms, peas, onion, pepper, feta & sweet potato!

Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette


*This blog post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

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Comments (6)

  1. posted by Rachael Alfonso on September 10, 2013

    Ahh thanks Nic!! I’m flattered that I inspired you for this recipe!! Spanish omelette is definitely one of my staples to take into work for lunch or dinner!! I used to turn my nose up at tinned potatoes too, but they work so well in an omelette!! :) xx

    • posted by Nics Nutrition on September 10, 2013

      Yay! Aw thanks Rach! I’m going to upload your beautiful inspiring picture now too :) Happy omelette making! It’s so quick and easy I LOVE IT!!

  2. posted by Stephanie @ Steph Loves Cake on September 11, 2013

    I usually wait until I have left over new potatoes to do something like this. What a great idea to use tinned, then you can have it any time you like. Thanks for sharing!

    • posted by Nics Nutrition on September 11, 2013

      So glad you like the idea! Let me know if you make it :) Nic xx

  3. posted by Nik R on February 5, 2014

    I cooked this for my husband and I tonight. We loved it,definatly going to make it again! Thanks.


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