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Healthy Travel Snacks

By: | 1 Comment | On: April 28, 2015 | Category : Drink, Food, Nutrition, Reviews, Snacking

healthy travel snacks

If you’re looking for healthy snacks to have whilst travelling or for just whilst ‘on the go’ then this blog post can help!   The other week I met up with Lottie Murphy who is a Pilates Instructor and Healthy Lifestyle Blogger to film our favourite Healthy Travel Snacks for...

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Whey Protein.. Do you need it?

By: | 6 Comments | On: April 14, 2015 | Category : Nutrition, Protein

Whey Protein

The other week I gave a quick interview to Men’s Fitness Magazine (don’t worry ladies, you can read this blog post too!) on behalf of Protein Dynamix (thank you to them for the PDNIC discount code btw!) on my thoughts on whey protein.   I’ve written about protein powder basics before,...

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6 Diet & Food Myths.. BUSTED

By: | 4 Comments | On: April 12, 2015 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Fibre, Nutrition, Protein, Snacking

Diet Myths

The other week I was asked to give my opinion on some popular ‘Diet & Food Myths’, and so I thought I would share my responses to them with you in this blog post and the video below. Thank you for the great comments on it so far; you can...

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Eating more Plant-Based Foods

By: | 8 Comments | On: March 23, 2015 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Asparagus and Quorn Medley

Today I’m pleased to announce that this year I will be collaborating with Quorn™, a meat-free, complete protein range of foods that regularly feature in my shopping trolly! On a personal note, I would say that my diet is 80% vegetarian without even trying… It’s not 100% though as I could never...

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Ask a Dietitian.. My First Q&A!

By: | 12 Comments | On: March 22, 2015 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Nutrition, Protein, Questions & Answers

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 06.41.04

Hello! I get so many questions on social media that I thought I would put together a video answering some of them.. I really hope your question features but if not leave it down below in the comments section or underneath the video or ask me it on Facebook, Twitter...

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A Little of What You Fancy – Healthy Hydration Habits

By: | 0 Comments | On: February 23, 2015 | Category : Hydration, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Well Being

Green Tea

Most of us have our favourite daily drink whether it’s a simple green tea (I prefer the flavoured varieties!), a delicious fruit smoothie or a glass of wine in the evening. Staying adequately hydrated is vital for good mental and physical health, but there are some beverages that not only...

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DynaPro Mousse Review & Protein Cheesecake Recipe!

By: | 0 Comments | On: February 9, 2015 | Category : Food, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Snacking

Protein Dynamix Dynapro Mousse Review

Welcome to my new favourite protein snack/dessert.. Protein Dynamix DynaPro Mousse!! And I may as well let you know about the cheeky NIC20 20% off discount code straight away, just incase you want to join me in the chocolatey/strawberry goodness .   Protein Dynamix is a fairly new brand to the...

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What’s in my Fridge & Freezer!

By: | 1 Comment | On: February 3, 2015 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Fibre, Hydration, Nutrition, Protein, Snacking

What's in my fridge

I’ve had so many questions asking to see what’s typically in my fridge (& freezer!) so here you are!! I buy for 2 people and usually shop once or twice a week. My aim is to go 100% online shopping but for now I call into Morrisons or Asda (usually!)...

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How to Make a Healthy Salad

By: | 0 Comments | On: January 20, 2015 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Fibre, Nutrition, Protein, Snacking

Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad

If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight or eat healthier then listen up to this blog post.. here are my top tips on how you can create the perfect healthy and tasty salad! I have a few salad recipes already on my blog and youtube channel and will...

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Is Fruit Juice Healthy? My BBC Breakfast TV Interview!

By: | 4 Comments | On: November 22, 2014 | Category : Fibre, Hydration, Nutrition, Snacking

Is fruit juice healthy?

Last week I made first ever appearance on T.V. – live on BBC Breakfast! I was asked to talk about my opinions on fruit juice, and if it should no longer be allowed to contribute to one of your five a day; 150ml of fresh fruit juice currently counts as...

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