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What is a Portion? – My Simple Healthy Eating Guide

By: | 25 Comments | On: September 15, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Fibre, Hydration, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being


“Portion Distortion” describes how our portion sizes have become bigger over time. What we think is a ‘normal’ portion may actually be enough to feed 2 or 3 people, but thanks to large dinner plates and fast-food restaurants selling ‘super-sized’ meals we don’t realise. Working out what a single portion...

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How to Live Healthily with Diabetes

By: | 8 Comments | On: August 15, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Well Being

Diabetes wordcloud

Recently, I’ve had quite a few requests to write a ‘healthy eating/lifestyle for diabetes’ post.. and so here it is! I have a passion for diabesity (diabetes & obesity) and have even published a paper in the area looking at the effects of caffeine on diabetes (click here to read...

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BFree – Wheat & Gluten Free Bread Review & Giveaway!

By: | 58 Comments | On: July 23, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Competitions, Food, Nutrition, Reviews

BFree Foods

If you’re wheat or gluten free, or simply looking for a new healthy and low calorie, tasty bread or wrap then look no further, BFree Foods are your answer! Bfree Foods are a relatively new company who produce tasty, ‘good for you’ breads and wraps which are not only gluten*...

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Sukrin Low Carb, Gluten & Wheat Free Bread Mix Review

By: | 7 Comments | On: July 2, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Food, Nutrition, Reviews

Sukrin low carb wheat free bread

If you’re looking for a low carb bread mix that tastes AMAZING, is packed with goodness and is free from gluten, wheat, soy, milk and yeast then look no further, Sukrin is your answer!! This bread mix has no added sugar, is high in fibre and provides just 58 calories per 40g slice...

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10 Healthy Diet Swaps you NEED to do!

By: | 2 Comments | On: June 6, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Shopping Tips, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

fruit heart

I was quoted in Women & Home Magazine (April 2013) talking about how to eat healthier through simple rules, tweaks and swaps that will boost your health quickly, easily and without a total life overhaul! So read on to see if any of these healthy tips can help with your diet! Mix...

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How to Choose a Healthy Yoghurt

By: | 31 Comments | On: June 2, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Fat, Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Shopping Tips, Snacking, Sport, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

how to choose a healthy yoghurt

I love yoghurt, and I eat it at least once a day – no matter what the season! I get asked though a lot of questions about yoghurt (how to pick out the healthy pots from the less than healthy ones) and so I thought I’d try to help out!  ...

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What to Eat & Drink Before & After Exercise

By: | 11 Comments | On: May 20, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Sport, Weight Maintenance


I’m currently training for my first 5K adventure race in June (the Zest Challenge!), which has inspired this mini series of blog posts in which I’ll be covering everything; from what to wear, to how to train (thanks to a few personal trainers!). In this post though I’ll be giving...

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Eat Water Zero Calorie Slim Pasta, Rice & Noodles

By: | 12 Comments | On: April 25, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Food, Reviews, Weight Loss

Slim Pasta

The key to successful weight loss is cutting down on your daily calorie intake without a) going hungry or b) feeling deprived. I came across Eat Water on twitter (@EatWaterPasta) and was very intrigued (hence this blog post). The Slim Foods range by Eat Water consists of Slim Pasta (spaghetti, fettuccine & penne), Slim...

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How to Choose a Healthy Cereal or Snack Bar

By: | 5 Comments | On: April 19, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Reviews, Shopping Tips, Snacking, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Snack Bars

I love a healthy snack bar, which is why I’ve come up with my top 5 tips on how to make sure it’s a healthy one! Do let me know what your favourite snack bars are in the comments section below – I always love finding new ones to try! :) You can subscribe...

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The Truth about Sugar & Are Sweeteners Safe?

By: | 33 Comments | On: April 18, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Reviews, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being


With more and more people watching their weight and calorie intake, sugar can easily be ‘evilized’ with many people choosing to switch to other sources of sweetness. A small amount of sugar in the diet isn’t bad for us.. there are naturally occurring sugars such as fructose in fruit and lactose in...

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