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5 Diet Mistakes to AVOID in 2016!

By: | 0 Comments | On: December 24, 2015 | Category : Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being

5 diet mistakes to avoid

Hello! So I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you are looking forward to the New Year (I know I certainly am!).   This blog post is all about your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.. or rather what they SHOULDN’T BE! Setting goals for the year ahead is...

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Student Tips for Weight Loss

By: | 0 Comments | On: September 29, 2015 | Category : Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being

Student tips for weight loss

This week I’m talking about how to avoid weight gain as a student.. talking you through the reasons why I personally gained over a stone in 2 months when I first went to university and then how I lost it (the non-expensive way!) in my second and third years.  ...

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My Top 5 Lifestyle Hacks for Healthy Living

By: | 0 Comments | On: September 17, 2015 | Category : Fitness, Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Nichola Whitehead Dietitian

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘hack’ before, it’s like a tip that makes life that little bit easier. Lifestyle hacks (which become daily habits!), in my opinion, are essential as they enable you to function at your best and to take on everything that life has to throw...

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10 Minute HIIT AMRAP Workout!

By: | 2 Comments | On: August 16, 2015 | Category : Fitness, Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Well Being


After answering your diet, health & fitness questions last week, I took advantage of having the lovely Hannah from Wedges & Weights at my house and we filmed a quick workout routine for you that requires no equipment and even better you can do it in the comfort of your...

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Misfit Wearables Review | Activity Tracker

By: | 10 Comments | On: July 28, 2015 | Category : Competitions, Discount Codes, Fitness, Lifestyle, Motivation, Reviews


If you’re thinking about buying a Misfit activity monitor or have one already and want some tips on how to use then you’ve come to the right blog post.. here is my Misfit review (comparing both the Misfit Shine and Misfit Flash to the FitBit!).   I’ve been wearing my...

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Eating Healthily in Barcelona.. What I Ate!

By: | 8 Comments | On: July 12, 2015 | Category : Drink, Food, Lifestyle, Motivation, Reviews, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Salt Bar

I’ve just recently come back from a weekend away in Barcelona and thought I’d show you ‘What I Ate’ – video style! I’ve listed below what I ate and where I ate it just in case you are going to Barcelona and wanted some inspiration for restaurants etc. to visit....

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Ask a Dietitian Part 2.. Late night eating, Chocolate, Breakfast & Meal Replacement Shakes!

By: | 2 Comments | On: June 4, 2015 | Category : Beauty, Carbs, Lifestyle, Motivation, Nutrition, Protein, Questions & Answers, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Ask a Dietitian 2

Hello! So here is Part 2 of my second #AskDietNic Q&A video, answering your questions about late night eating, chocolate cravings, easy breakfast options, meal replacement shakes and more! You can check out my very first Q & A video [here] and you can see part 1 [here] .. simply scroll down to...

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5 Reasons Why You’re NOT Losing Weight!

By: | 2 Comments | On: April 6, 2015 | Category : Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss

Why you're not losing weight...

Ever wondered why you’re not losing weight? Even though you’ve bought every diet book known to man and you feel like you never leave the gym?! If so, you’re not alone and the video below is for you.. it’s my top 5 reasons why people don’t lose weight.. even though...

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Healthy Food Instagram Accounts!

By: | 0 Comments | On: March 21, 2015 | Category : Kitchen, Lifestyle, Motivation, Reviews


If you didn’t already know, I post healthy food and fitness related images on my nicsnutrition Instagram account almost daily, and love following people with a similar interest – although it’s not so good for my waist line when scrolling down my news feed in the evening.. All the amazing images...

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My Food, Weight & Health Journey!

By: | 2 Comments | On: December 19, 2014 | Category : Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

My Weight & Food Journey

Hi everyone .. After being asked a few questions about my personal food/weight journey I thought I would film and upload a ‘get to know me better’ video. I really hope that you like it/find it interesting and do leave me any comments below or on my YouTube Video.  ...

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