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Healthy Snack Ideas!

By: | 26 Comments | On: May 24, 2013 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Shopping Tips, Snacking, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance

Apple Almonds

Most of us get ‘peckish’ at some point in the day, and if you’re sure that it’s true stomach hunger (and not just head hunger – see my how to beat food cravings as well as how to stop over eating blog posts for that!) then a healthy snack is...

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FRANK Bar Review & Giveaway!

By: | 205 Comments | On: May 22, 2013 | Category : Competitions, Food, Nutrition, Reviews, Snacking

Frank bars

I love a healthy snack bar (as I’m sure you’ll already know by now!) and as it’s my job to seek out the latest healthy brands, today’s blog post is a review about a FAB new range of snack bars from a relatively new company called The Frank Food Company. The snack bars...

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Chia Seeds .. The Ultimate Running Food?!

By: | 11 Comments | On: May 10, 2013 | Category : Fat, Fibre, Food, Hydration, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Sport, Well Being

Chia Seeds

So what’s the big deal about Chia Seeds I hear you ask! Well, I personally like to use chia seeds to add extra nutrients as well as texture to a recipe (check-out my over-night oats, summer green smoothie or chocolate chia pudding!), however the seeds were originally known as a ‘running food’. Chia means “strength” in the Aztec...

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Hello Fresh Review

By: | 2 Comments | On: May 5, 2013 | Category : Food, Kitchen, Lifestyle, Reviews, Well Being

Hello Fresh

This week I had a special delivery.. a Hello Fresh delivery! Hello Fresh are an amazing new company who 1) create super tasty healthy recipes (by a rather nice looking chef!) 2) go shopping for you 3) deliver you the food for free and 4) allow you to cook up perfect gourmet...

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Ohso Chocolate Review

By: | 6 Comments | On: May 1, 2013 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Reviews, Snacking, Well Being


Have you heard of Ohso before? Ohso are a relatively ‘healthy chocolate’ brand who make delicious mini bars of Belgian dark chocolate (which is packed with antioxidants to help strengthen your body’s own natural defenses), with over a billion ‘friendly bacteria’ to keep our digestive systems healthy. They’re a completely new type of product...

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Product Launch: The Savoury 9bar

By: | 1 Comment | On: April 29, 2013 | Category : Food, Nutrition, Reviews, Snacking

Savoury 9bar

If you’ve read my 9 bar review then you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of the brand and I’ve just had the news (and seen/tasted the goods!) that 9bar have launched a savoury range  - a brand new twist on the original 9bars! The unique Savoury 9bars are packed with at least...

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The Nutribox Review… it’s AMAZING!

By: | 1 Comment | On: April 29, 2013 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Reviews, Snacking, Well Being


Discovering healthy food products/services is like a little hobby for me, and I aim to blog about only the best so that YOU can benefit. Introducing The Nutribox. I heard about The Nutribox via a lovely twitter follower and as soon as I saw their website I KNEW they were...

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What is PB2? Nutrition Facts & Recipe Ideas

By: | 19 Comments | On: April 28, 2013 | Category : Fat, Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Snacking, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance

PB2 Review

Do you love peanut butter? I discovered my love for peanut butter only a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. It’s not unusual for a jar to last me less than a week – which may be good for someone who’s trying to gain weight, but certainly is NOT...

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Eat Water Zero Calorie Slim Pasta, Rice & Noodles

By: | 12 Comments | On: April 25, 2013 | Category : Carbs, Food, Reviews, Weight Loss

Slim Pasta

The key to successful weight loss is cutting down on your daily calorie intake without a) going hungry or b) feeling deprived. I came across Eat Water on twitter (@EatWaterPasta) and was very intrigued (hence this blog post). The Slim Foods range by Eat Water consists of Slim Pasta (spaghetti, fettuccine & penne), Slim...

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Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn & Rice Cakes Review

By: | 8 Comments | On: April 20, 2013 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Reviews, Snacking, Weight Loss


When I first gazed my eyes upon Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn in the supermarket I thought it may actually be too good to be true – hurray for me that it wasn’t! The Skinny Topcorn range is the ultimate light snack to be enjoyed any time, just like crisps but with much...

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