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Protein & Protein Powders.. Back to Basics!

By: | 20 Comments | On: July 13, 2014 | Category : Discount Codes, Drink, Food, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Two of the most frequent questions that I get asked on social media are ”Do I need to take protein powders?” and .. “Which protein powder is best?” .. .. I therefore decided to film a video talking through the basics of protein and protein powders which you can watch on my YouTube...

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Graze Breakfast Box Review

By: | 4 Comments | On: July 8, 2014 | Category : Discount Codes, Food, Reviews

Graze Breakfast Review

Having already reviewed the classic Graze Nibble Box I couldn’t wait to try Graze’s new Breakfast Variety Box. The Breakfast Box gives you a selection of 4 out of 20 (with more coming soon!) delicious porridges, mueslis and granolas, meaning that breakfast never gets boring! If you haven’t heard of...

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My Healthy French Supermarket Trip!

By: | 1 Comment | On: June 22, 2014 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Motivation, Reviews, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

French Food

Ever wondered what foods to buy from a foreign supermarket when you’re self-catered?! If so, wonder no more.. I filmed a quick video when I was in France the other week to show you what I bought and the breakfasts and lunches that I created. I ate out on an...

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MuscleFood, Nuts n More & WheyHey Review & Discount Code

By: | 200 Comments | On: June 1, 2014 | Category : Competitions, Discount Codes, Drink, Food, Reviews

MuscleFood Review

This week I’ve been trying out goodies from MuscleFood (as you could probably tell from my Homemade Quest Bar Recipe!) and I couldn’t wait to share with you the new and exciting products that I’ve discovered. If you’ve never heard of MuscleFood before, they are an online health food shop who specialise in...

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Alpro Tops.. Liven up your Breakfast!

By: | 0 Comments | On: May 5, 2014 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Reviews, Snacking, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Alpro Tops

The other week Alpro asked me to join in with their new campaign “Alpro Tops”, by coming up with 5 different topping ideas for their plant-based yoghurts; Simply Plain, Vanilla and Strawberry with Rhubarb. All three yoghurts are packed with soya goodness, which is great for reducing cholesterol levels, are...

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YouTube Announcement.. & Protein Giveaway!

By: | 0 Comments | On: April 1, 2014 | Category : Competitions, Drink, Food, Reviews

YouTube Giveaway

  **THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.. THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED BELOW [THIS VIDEO] Thank you everyone for entering!** Hi Everyone! This blog post is just to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog & supports me on social media (links to the right!). If you...

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Quest Protein Bar Review

By: | 29 Comments | On: February 2, 2014 | Category : Food, Nutrition, Protein, Reviews, Snacking

Quest Bar Review

Before I get into my Quest Protein Bar Review (which are amazing btw), let me try to put protein bars into context.. What you put into your bodies you get out, whether that be in terms of strength and performance, health or even looks. An intensive training regime will get...

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Powdered Peanut Butter PPB Review & Discount Code

By: | 21 Comments | On: January 28, 2014 | Category : Discount Codes, Food, Reviews

PPB Review

PPB stands for Powdered Peanut Butter, and if you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know that I LOVE peanut butter.. however eating copious amounts of it ISN’T good for the waist line(!). A few months ago I blogged & made a video all about PB2 (America’s...

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Walden Farms Calorie Free Syrup Review

By: | 18 Comments | On: December 12, 2013 | Category : Food, Lifestyle, Reviews, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance

Walden Farms

The other month, Predator Nutrition opened their flagship store at The Light in Leeds and I couldn’t wait to see what ‘goodies’ they had! From Quest Bars (LOVE them.. check out my review HERE!) to Brazil Nut Butter, they have it.. America eat your heart out (they always have the best...

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Healthy Food Shopping List

By: | 43 Comments | On: October 14, 2013 | Category : Food, Kitchen, Lifestyle, Reviews, Shopping Tips, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Well Being

Shopping Basket

A few weeks ago I blogged my ‘Healthy Kitchen Gadget Essentials’ and I promised to post a highly requested blog on my ‘healthy food shop/grocery essentials’ .. so here it is!   My food shop varies week to week, depending on what I’m planning to cook/recipe develop, but these are...

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